Course work for the 2022 UC Master Gardener Certification Training of Butte and Glenn County Volunteers. 

This is the training class for 2022 MG 

Thank you for choosing to become part of the UC Master Gardener Program, with over 6,000 volunteers statewide we are a mighty group. After this intensive, informative and skill building course you will be able to share your knowledge and your ability to find scientific-based answers and solutions to public inquiries. We look forward to teaching you and volunteering beside you.    

Course Format

This course is a hybrid of in-person and online, through a series of self paced lectures, readings, video recordings, assignments and in person activities.

Thank you for joining our UC Master Gardeners of Napa County’s online training test program for 2021.  Your participation, and your feedback, will be important as we develop our new hybrid training program for certification.  The certification program will begin in January 2022—and your help in 2021 will be invaluable.


In this program, we will present six core topics. 
Introduction to Botany.

Living Soil, Till/No Till.

Water Management.


Plant Pathology.



A new topic will be posted every two weeks, beginning Monday January 18, 2021.  Students will have two weeks to complete the required assignments.  Assignments will vary by topic, and may include reading, viewing a live or recorded presentation, participation in a live demonstration or follow-along with a hands-on project, participation in a live discussion with fellow students, completion of one or more worksheets, opportunity to dive deeper using suggested resources.

The audience for this course is: UCCE San Bernardino County Master Gardeners

For more information or to enroll please contact:
Maggie O'Neill, UCCE San Bernardino, or Robin Rowe, UCCE San Bernardino,