Jackson County Master Gardener Practicum is an online course for current participants in JCMG training.  Participants will have access to additional information and resources about plant propagation. 

For more information or to enroll contact OSU Extension Jackson County, Erika Szonntag at erika.szonntag@oregonstate.edu

For technical assistance please contact campushelp@extension.org

Review of Procedures for Master Gardener Clinics is a required training for certification for new and continuing master gardeners in Yamhill County, Oregon. This is totally online training. The purpose is to provide standard procedures for master gardeners in the county when they deal with the public and their gardening questions. It will cover basics of working with the public, the “Dos and Don’ts” when it comes to answering questions, and guidelines for what kinds of questions are appropriate to answer and which are not. It will include videos, self-correcting quizzes, problem solving, and other relevant activities. For more information contact Linda McMahan with Oregon State at linda.mcmahan@oregonstate.edu

Blended Master Gardener Training for Yamhill County is an instructor-led blended course designed for Oregon State University Master Gardener™ trainees. Participants will gain knowledge of resources, acces to individual training modules on many relevant subjects from taking this course. It is open to Yamhill County Master Gardener trainees and trainees or master gardeners from other counties by permission of the instructors. For  information or to enroll contact Linda McMahan or Debra Zaveson at Oregon State University Extension, at linda.mcmahan@oregonstate.edu or debra.zaveson@oregonstate.edu