The goal of the MG Core Course is to make you a well-rounded horticulturist. You will learn about plant selection, botany, tree care, soils, entomology, plant diseases, and turf, as well as fruit and vegetable production in the Great Plains. In the end, we hope that you will be able to troubleshoot common plant problems and select plants appropriate for the landscape. Three or four topics will be covered each week. Participants will watch the lecture in person, via webinar technology, or recorded lecture. After the lecture, students will read the assigned chapters in the manual, take the open book quiz, and complete any surveys. All assignments must be completed by April 6, 2018.
For more information contact Esther McGinnis at

Vermont Master Gardener-Non Certfication (Track 2) includes fourteen modules, and thirteen live online Q&A sessions with instructors, an online course guide, and additional course materials.

Complete this track if you are interested in the course content but you do not intend to become a Certified Master Gardener volunteer. For this track, no Master Gardener Volunteer Certification is awarded, there is no hands-on volunteer service required, and you are not able to use the title, “Certified Master Gardener Volunteer”.

For more information, contact: Beret Halverson at

The fee for this course is $475.  To purchase and enroll in this course, click the following button. Register by December 25, 2018 and save $25.  Enter "vtmg25t2" as a voucher code when you check out.

The Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! online course is a self-directed and engaging training course for teachers, volunteers and Extension. It serves as a dynamic professional development opportunity and a new, multimedia curricular option for the Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! curriculum.  The online curriculum & training will include a series of easy-to-follow, weekly modules that let you see how to implement the research/evidence-based program over 10 weeks.  Each weekly module will include: a brief Sharpening Science component to provide the teacher/leader with some helpful garden science and food science background information, and two Classroom Lessons to actually show each of the LGEG lessons being modeled by a teacher in a public school classroom.

For more information, contact Randy Seagraves at Texas A&M Agrilife Extension at

The audience for this course is: Master Gardeners Interns in North Dakota

By taking this course, students will learn: a broad overview of horticultural topics that will allow them to select appropriate plants and to troubleshoot problems

For more information or to enroll please contact: Esther McGinnis at

The North Dakota Master Gardener Diagnostician course is for Certified Master Gardeners from North Dakota.  By taking this course, students will learn diagnose basic horticulture questions regarding trees, vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and turfgrass.

For more information or to enroll please contact: Dr. Esther McGinnis at 

Blended Master Gardener Training for Yamhill County is an instructor-led blended course designed for Oregon State University Master Gardener™ trainees. Participants will gain knowledge of resources, acces to individual training modules on many relevant subjects from taking this course. It is open to Yamhill County Master Gardener trainees and trainees or master gardeners from other counties by permission of the instructors. For  information or to enroll contact Linda McMahan or Debra Zaveson at Oregon State University Extension, at or

The audience for this Broward County Master Gardener Training Online course is students who are attending an in-person course.This online component will supplement horticulture information presented in-class as well as introduce common customer service concepts and procedures that tend to be intimidating when working at field centers.

For more information or to enroll please contact: Julio Perez –teacher and content specialist- Broward County/University of Florida at

Coos County Master Gardener Training is a fee-based course composed of classroom instruction with resources and quizzes available through this online portal. Students in the course will learn a broad overview of horticulture subjects including botany, entomology, composting/vermiculture, soils, water conservation in the garden, and much more. For more information or technical support contact MG Coordinator Samantha Clayburn 541-572-5263, ext. 25299 or email

Jackson County Master Gardener Practicum is an online course for current participants in JCMG training.  Participants will have access to additional information and resources about plant propagation. 

For more information or to enroll contact OSU Extension Jackson County, Erika Szonntag at

For technical assistance please contact

This site is an on-line coordinator's manual for Ohio Master Gardener Volunteer coordinators. For information contact Denise Ellsworth at

The Junior Master Gardener Online Teacher Training Course, Plant Growth and Development is a self-directed online course.  It serves as a professional development opportunity for teachers, and a new, electronic curricular option for the Plant Growth and Development, JMG Level One Teacher Guide.  This Plant Growth and Development course contains the following content modules: Importance and Uses of Plants, Plant Classification, Plant Parts, Plant Needs, Plant Growth, Plant Processes, and Propagation.

Teachers enrolled in this course will learn how to facilitate fun and creative activities about horticulture and environmental science.  For more information, contact Randy Seagraves at Texas A&M Agrilife Extension at

This is a self-directed course designed for Master Gardener interns to introduce the basic concept of plant disease development and an overview of the four common plant pathogen groups.  These modules will provide some base information which will help participants to gain a foundational understanding of the different plant pathogen types, and will enhance better understanding of material presented at classroom Master Gardener intern training on plant pathology.

Review of Procedures for Master Gardener Clinics is a required training for certification for new and continuing master gardeners in Yamhill County, Oregon. This is totally online training. The purpose is to provide standard procedures for master gardeners in the county when they deal with the public and their gardening questions. It will cover basics of working with the public, the “Dos and Don’ts” when it comes to answering questions, and guidelines for what kinds of questions are appropriate to answer and which are not. It will include videos, self-correcting quizzes, problem solving, and other relevant activities. For more information contact Linda McMahan with Oregon State at

Consumer/Home Gardeners in Vermont who take this course will learn a wide range of subject matter including backyard vegetable gardening, perennials and annuals, soil fertility and tree care. Students learn from UVM Extension and the horticulture industry experts about landscape and botany basics, pest and plant disease control, rain gardens, sustainable landscape practices and other topics geared to help you become a more informed gardener.

The fee for this course is $425.  To purchase and enroll in this course, click the following button. Register by December 25, 2018 and save $25.  Enter "vtmg25t1" as a voucher code when you check out.