On the Ground: A Closer Look at Organic Dairy Pastures, Forages, and Soils online course is for Extension educators, service providers, farmers, and others interested in organic dairy production.  This course is a follow-up to the Introduction to Organic Dairy Production online course offered by the eOrganic Dairy Team. It covers certified organic forages, pastures, and soils for organic dairy production systems in greater depth.

For more Information, contact Amanda Gervais, University of Vermont Extension, amanda.gervais@uvm.edu.

An Introduction to Organic Dairy Production is a self-directed course designed for Extension educators and other agriculture service providers, as well as farmers and students who want to better understand certified organic dairy farming. It is made of ten modules on key organic dairy topics. Each module combines required readings, narrated lessons, optional homework exercises and recommended resources, and end-of-module quizzes.

For more information, contact Amanda Gervais at amanda.gervais@uvm.edu.

This self-directed course is for producers with seed production experience, seed industry professionals, and extension professionals. This course will provide practical field-based knowledge and present current research on organic seed production practices. This course covers the fundamentals of seed production for onions, beets and chard, brassicas, carrots, and wet seeded crops. It will also cover climatic requirements for seed crops, important diseases, and seed quality. For information contact Jared Zystro, Organic Seed Alliance, at jared@seedalliance.org

Course Subject Matter Specialists

  • Jodi Lew-Smith, High Mowing Seeds: Seed Diseases
  • John Navazio, Organic Seed Alliance: Which Crops for Your Climate, Beets and Chard, Carrots
  • Joel Reiten, Seeds of Change: Onions, Brassicas, Seed Quality
  • Don Tipping, Siskiyou Seeds: Lettuce, Wet Seeded Crops
  • Shelly Solomon, Leaping Frog Films: Videographer
  • Jared Zystro, Organic Seed Alliance: Online Tutorial Developer
NOTE: This course requires enrollment