This course houses materials for the “Managing Stress and Pursuing Wellness in Times of Tight Margins” program.

The program is aimed at farm and ranch families, agricultural workers, community members, mental health-care professionals and others who support those working in the agriculture industry. It covers the causes of stress in rural areas and coping strategies for dealing with that stress.

Materials include a detailed facilitator's guide, PowerPoint slides for 4 brief lessons, and 4 participant handouts covering what stress is, what can cause it in rural areas, recognizing the signs of stress in yourself and others, how to manage stress and where to go for help.

For more information in the program, contact Sean Brotherson,, North Dakota State University Extension Service.

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The audience for this course is: Crop producers, handlers, and anyone interested in food safety

By taking this course, students will learn:  

Basic microbiology concepts, where pathogens come from and be able to explain where pathogens can be found and how they can contaminate fresh produce.

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Agricultural Medicine is a blended course designed for medical practitioners, agricultural professionals, first responders and others with responsibility for the health and safety of farmers and rural citizens.

Participants will learn how to recognize, treat or prevent a variety of agricultural health conditions related to farming and forestry from taking this course. For more information or to enroll contact Mary Horton at

AgSafety4u – Level 1 provides an overview of identification and control of hazards common to farms and agriculturally related rural businesses, focusing on hazards associated with machinery, structures, equipment, animals, chemicals and outdoor environment. Learning objectives for Agricultural Employees, Employers and other rural workers who take the course are to a) Describe principles of hazard identification and control and b) Recognize hazards found on farms and in agriculturally related rural businesses. 

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