The audience for this course is: Illinois Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists

By taking this course, students will learn: 

  • how to identify 26 common trees often found in urban areas
  • how to conduct a tree inventory
  • how to prepare a tree walk

For more information please contact your local Illinois Extension office. 

eLearn Urban Forestry is a self-led, online, distance learning program geared speciifcally toward beginning urban foresters and those allied professionals working in and around urban and urbanizing landscapes, including service foresters, natural resource planners, landscape architects, city officials and public works employees.  The program is comprised of ten learning modules:  The Benefits and Costs of the Urban Forest; Tree Growth and Development; Urban Soils; Site, Tree Selection and Planting; Arboriculture; Assessing and Managing Tree Risk; Tree Disorder Diagnosis and Management; Trees and Construction; Public Policy and Urban Forestry; and Urban Forest Management.

For more information or to enroll, contact Leslie Boby, Southern Regional Extension Forestry, University of Georgia at

The Introduction to Southeastern Prescribed Fire course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental basics of prescribed burning in Southeastern forested ecosystems.  At the end of the course the student should have a working knowledge of fire law, fire terminology, fire prescriptions, fire safety, firebreaks, smoke management and a basic understanding of how to conduct a prescribed burn. This course is not intended to take the place of state Certification courses, workshops, or experience in the field. Rather, it is intended to give students a basic understanding of the principles of prescribed fire and fire effects.