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    • 1sttime attendees
    • Anyone involved in an NPDES-Permitted NODT construction project
    • Contractors involved in any aspect of the installation of erosion and sediment control Best Management Practices on NDOT Construction projects.

Learning Objectives
    • Basic understanding of NDOT policies and State regulations for stormwater management on construction sites.
    • Knowledge of the process of soil erosion.
    • An understanding of basic drainage, topography, climate, and other factors that influence soil erosion potential on construction sites. 
    • An understanding of the practical installation of erosion & sediment control Best Management Practices, following NDOT Standard Specifications, Special Provisions and Standard Plans.


  • This online Installer Certification course includes a series of presentations and quizzes that an applicant must successfully complete in order to print off their re-certification certificate. You can self-enroll, and there is no cost. You will need to create an account with a valid email address. Course Link: 
  • The Installer Certification Course contains Four (4) modules.  At the end of each module, you will go through a five-question quiz with questions pertaining specifically to the module.  You must get all five questions correct before you can move on to the next course module. 
  • Course materials will accompany the different modules as needed for reference.
  • Upon completion, this Installer Certification is good for 5 years. 
  • This Course is a prerequisite for the NDOR Erosion & Sediment Control Inspector Certification
  • To be a Certified Inspector, you must complete the NDOR Erosion & Sediment Control Inspector Certification course. 


This Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector Recertification course seeks to maintain the expertise of  "Qualified Personnel" for construction site inspections. Qualified Personnel are those that have completed the live NDOT-LTAP Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector Certification training course within the past five (5) years.

IMPORTANT: This course is available only for those that have previously obtained NDOT Erosion Control Inspector Certification. If you have not attended a live NDOT Erosion Control Inspector Certification Course, and have not been issued a 4-digit certification number, you are not approved to enroll in this course. If you proceed with enrolling in this on-line RECERTIFICATION without previous certification from NDOT and NE LTAP, then you will not be issued certification and will need to attend a live course offering.

For information or to enroll contact Megan Patent-Nygren, University of Nebraska LTAP at

This certification is required to all personnel who are monitoring the maturity meter for accepting testing. The maturity method is a simple technique for predicting concrete strength in lieu of conventional cylinders. Certification is required of all individuals utilizing the maturity method. Individuals certified for NDOT Maturity Method Field Monitoring will know the basic use and terminologies associated with the maturity method. They will have the knowledge and tools available to them for the installation of wires, monitoring concrete placement temperatures, calculating the Time-Temperature-Factor and documentation of data.

Certification Duration: 5 Years

Individuals that have already taken the “NDOT Maturity Method Field Monitoring” certification training do not need to take the web based course. Check RUG or SiteManager to if you’ve already received the “Maturity Method Field Monitoring” certification. 

If you have questions about  tracking this certification, please contact Site Manager Materials Staff at, or 402-479-4760.

For information or to enroll contact Megan Patent-Nygren, University of Nebraska LTAP at

NDOT Local Public Agency Right of Way Training is a Self-directed course for Local Public Agencies who will learn step by step procedures and practices for the fair and comprehensive acquisition of property needed for the completion of publicly funded local projects. 

For more information or to enroll please contact Megan Patent-Nygren, University of Nebraska, at

Responsible Charge (RC) Training is a self-directed course designed for local public agencies. Participants will learn planning, organizing, designing, constructing, and maintaining their public transportation facilities when seeking Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Federal transportation funds from taking this course. 

For information or to enroll contact Megan Patent-Nygren, University of Nebraska LTAP at

This course in pavement design is offered by the Nebraska Department of Transportation Material & Research Division for engineers that are involved in designing pavements in Nebraska for state and federal aid projects at all levels. Public and private pavement design engineers who work on federal aid projects will find this course helpful. While it is an optional, non-certification course, it will meet the NDOT's pavement design experience requirement.

Project deliverables are:

  • Typical Sheets for Project Plan Packages
  • Pavement Determination Data Sheets
  • Pavement Design Analysis (AASHTO Method will be covered)
  • Strategy Types and Selection

For more information or to enroll contact Megan Patent-Nygren, University of Nebraska LTAP at