The audience for this course is: Farmers and ranchers

By taking this course, students will learn:

       a. Complete a self-assessment of their management style, including preferences, strengths and stressors;

       b. Identify strategies for improving communication with employees, customers and family members;

       c. Identify action steps for building more effective and successful crews on their farms in the coming growing season

For more information or to enroll please contact:

       Mary Peabody ( or Seth Wilner, UNH Extension (

The course is full; no further registrations are being accepted.

Rural Leadership North Dakota is a blended course designed for active participants to the Rural Leadership North Dakota program. Participants with build their skills in discovering leaders within, communicating effectively, recognizing gifts and differences, thinking critically and creatively, understanding the resource spectrum, shaping rural policy, understanding international issues, understanding national politics, and affecting change-the power of individuals working together. For more information contact Kris Holt at