Subject 9. Review and Update Your Information

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Facilities and Materials

Annually evaluate, update and/or repairWell-hidden permanently installed mailbox
  • Warning signs, such as "Do Not Enter," hazardous materials and trespassing signs
  • Back-up plans for water, fuel, supplies, feed, etc. Rotate stocks regularly
  • Emergency lighting, alarms, motion detectors and cameras
  • All facilities, equipment, and security systems
  • Charge on all fire extinguishers: replace as needed.

Annually review, evaluate, update and discuss your plans and practices, including when and how to implement them, with your family and employees. Review

  • Risk management and biosecurity plans and protocols
  • Farm security systems and practices
  • Employee policies, training and safe work practices
  • Evacuation plans, stay-in-place plans, and shelter-in-place plans
  • All other security and emergency plans