Subject 9. Review and Update Your Information

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Book: Subject 9. Review and Update Your Information
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Review and Update

In this section, we will look regular reviewing intervals for your farm security plan.

Give serious thought to emergency preparedness and physical Well-hidden permanently installed mailbox
security on your farm. Take some time, at least once a year, to critically review your practices and procedures and update your records and plans.

Planning and Training

Conduct an annual mock emergency exercise, including a fire drill. Well-hidden permanently installed mailbox
Evaluate how well you, your family members and employees handle the situation.

Regularly review security plans and procedures, including how to handle emergency situations, with employees and family members.

Conduct regular safety observations and training. Set a good example by following all safety, security and emergency procedures as a matter of habit.

Update all emergency telephone numbers as needed and keep them posted where they can be easily seen.

Facilities and Materials

Annually evaluate, update and/or repairWell-hidden permanently installed mailbox
  • Warning signs, such as "Do Not Enter," hazardous materials and trespassing signs
  • Back-up plans for water, fuel, supplies, feed, etc. Rotate stocks regularly
  • Emergency lighting, alarms, motion detectors and cameras
  • All facilities, equipment, and security systems
  • Charge on all fire extinguishers: replace as needed.

Annually review, evaluate, update and discuss your plans and practices, including when and how to implement them, with your family and employees. Review

  • Risk management and biosecurity plans and protocols
  • Farm security systems and practices
  • Employee policies, training and safe work practices
  • Evacuation plans, stay-in-place plans, and shelter-in-place plans
  • All other security and emergency plans