Section 1. Your Security Plan

Farm security should be built into your operation's every day routine.


Agrosecurity is a growing concern for producers. Farms and ranches Well-hidden permanently installed mailbox
are vulnerable to fire and weather-related emergencies, as well as many types of criminal acts such as
  • Theft of anhydrous ammonia for methamphetamine production
  • Arson, poisoning of your well, or the deliberate opening of a valve on a chemical tank
  • Criminal mischief involving unsecured equipment and machinery
  • Destruction of confined animals, property, or products
  • Destruction of bioengineered plants
  • Intentional introduction or release of a contagious animal or plant disease
  • General vandalism

The most common crimes on the farm are the theft of fuel and high-dollar items such as tools, computers, safes, fertilizers, tractors, backhoes, and pesticides in packages that can be easily picked up and loaded into a vehicle.

These threats are real and must be addressed by all farmers. A sound, all-hazards security plan includes access control measures, property accountability, insurance coverage, employee awareness and emergency preparedness.