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    Welcome to the EDEN Farm Security online course.Your farm or ranch is your life and your livelihood. You want to do everything you can to protect it from crime, natural disasters and other threats. The protection measures are similar and well worth the effort to put in place.

    This course shows you how. Through examples, activities, and quizzes, you will build a plan to fit your operation based on

    • Basic security actions
    • Safety measures
    • Information needed by emergency responders
    • Routine checks
    • Communication plans

    The course doesn't have to be completed in one session. Just sign out and continue at a later time as your schedule allows.

    Any mention of commercial products is for informational purposes only; it does not imply recommendation or endorsement by the eXtension network.

  • Topic 2

    Topic 2: Basics of Making Your Premises Secure

    Securing your premises doesn't have to be complicated. Determine and implement basic actions, and add more protections when necessary.
  • Topic 3

    Topic 3: Emergency Information for Responders

    Learn how to make it easy for emergency responders to locate your farm entrance. In addition, find out why it is important to have a farm map and to maintain your roads.
  • Topic 4

    Topic 4: Secure Access to Contents

    Do you have barns, equipment, chemicals or other materials that are easily accessible? Make them more secure by taking additional security measures.
  • Topic 5

    Topic 5: Establish Maintenance Routines

    Building security includes maintenance. If a barn or shed is not kept in good condition, it can become a hazard. The same is true for your utilities. Routine maintenance checks of your structures and utilities help ensure safe and secure conditions.
  • Topic 6

    Topic 6: Keep Everyone Informed

    Often overlooked is the communication loop during an emergency event. It is critical that everyone on the operation knows the chain of command in an emergency; where to check for local weather conditions; who to contact if suspicious activity is noticed; and how to notify employees or their families in an emergency.
  • Topic 7

    Topic 7: What Family Members and Employees Need to Know

    Making your operation secure includes training your family members and employees on their roles. They should be aware of the security and safety measures you have implemented so they know what to do.

    Chapters in this section discuss specific family and employee situations, including how to handle the disgruntled employee, hiring new employees and I-9 information.

  • Topic 8

    Topic 8: Insure the Future of Your Business

    In addition to the security measures presented so far, there are other steps you can take to  protect your premises and family. How well you recover from a disastrous event--large or small, natural or man-made--can be an indicator of whether or not your ranch or farm has a future as a business.     

    Good records and adequate insurance are two keys to a speedier recovery following a disaster. In addition, having an emergency plan that is well thought out and has been shared with your family and employees is critical to a strong recovery.

  • Topic 9

    Topic 9: Make a Date With Yourself

    Put it on the calendar--and keep the appointment--to review and update your plan.
  • Topic 10


    Incorporating farm security measures into your routine farm or ranch operation will reduce the risk of criminal activity and provide a safer and more secure place for your family and employees. And with just a little bit of preplanning, you, your family, Farm at sunriseand your employees will know what to do in an emergency.

    Develop a good relationship with your fire, sheriff, and police departments. Provide them with information that will allow first responders to quickly and effectively deal with any emergency on your farm or ranch, helping to protect you, your family, your property, and your community.

    Emergencies will happen periodically. Learn the lessons from each one. Not only can they improve your plans and practices, but learned lessons improve your ability to recover and continue your operation.

    Making your farm or ranch safe and secure is a continual process of evaluation and improvement, but the on-going practices will help your operation remain in business and ultimately helps protect American agriculture.