• Help With eXtension Campus

    Below on this site are links to some of the more common questions we receive from users.  If you are having a problem or have a specific issue, please browse through those questions to see if you find something that would be helpful.  If those FAQs do not help resolve your question, then here are some avenues by which you can reach someone to help.

    • All questions about course content, quizzes, completion status, certificates, etc. should be directed to your course teacher(s). Every course should display a "Course Contacts" block--probably on the left side of the course page. That block provides the names of the course teachers along with links for sending your teacher an email.  Click on the envelope icon to activate your email program.
    • For assistance with logins, course enrollment, or other technical issues, contact us by either:
    • For assistance in purchasing a fee-based course, send an email to cataloghelp@extension.org.