Section 4. Safety and Security Measures

Safety and Security Measures

Fire Protection

Fire is one of the most common farm emergencies.Farm at sunrise

All buildings, including barns and sheds, should be free of flammable debris (i.e. cobwebs, trash, etc.) to reduce the risk of fire. Fire extinguishers should be placed in strategic locations and easily accessible so you will have one where and when you need it. Extinguishers should be the right size and type to combat electrical, fuel, or structural fires (refer to size and type fact sheet). There are several types of fire extinguishers available, but the best type for home and farm use is a multipurpose ABC type extinguisher.
  • It is a good practice to have at least one ABC type fire extinquisher in all farm buildings and in other areas where there is a risk of fire, such as around grain drying and processing equipment.
  • The farm shop is a particularly fire-prone area due to the types of equipment used. Welders and cutting torches can quickly ignite any combustible material not properly stored. At least one 10-pound ABC extinguisher should be wall mounted in the shop for easy accessibility.
  • Fire extinguishers should also be mounted on tractors, combines, trucks and other equipment. Because most fires associated with these types of equipment are from petroleum products or electrical fires, a five-pound ABC or a BC type extinguisher should be adequate.
  • Inspect your fire extinguishers regularly and keep them charged so that you can be sure that they will perform well when you need them. Be sure your employees and family members know where the fire extinguishers are located and understand how to operate them properly.