Section 4. Safety and Security Measures

Safety and Security Measures

Farm Chemicals

All pesticide farm chemicals should be stored Farm at sunrisein a secured area. Access should be limited to trained personnel.

Unauthorized access can range from a curious child to intentional trespass with the intent to steal or cause damage. Risks to health, the environment, and your business are obvious. Keep in mind that in many areas of the country, fertilizer is stolen for the purpose of producing illegal drugs.

Responders to an emergency on your premises need to know where pesticides and other farm chemicals are stored. You can help them by centralizing your chemical inventory. Store everything in one isolated, fire-resistant (e.g., concrete block) building that is secured against theft and acts of vandalism and terrorism. Clearly mark the location on your farm map so that responders can tell exactly where your chemicals are stored. Emergency dispatchers should have your chemical storage location and your farm emergency response plan on file and readily available to police, fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel. Centralized storage also allows you and firefighters the option of letting the building burn (versus putting water on it) to minimize contamination of adjacent areas.

Always return surplus pesticides to their designated storage areas. No exceptions.