Section 4. Safety and Security Measures

Safety and Security Measures

Using Lighting for Safety and Security

Adequate lighting in the right places is important to the safety and Farm at sunrise
security of your family, your employees, and your property. Proper lighting can also enhance the efficiency of your operation.

Lighting dark areas may deter vandals and other criminals. Strategically placed lights will also allow you to safely check on your facilities or livestock at night, and to work after dark when necessary.

Determine which facilities need to be well-lighted and which may require minimal security lighting. Your insurance agent or sheriff's office may be able to help you decide where lighting would be most effective and what type to purchase.

  • Light critical assets such as fuel tanks, grain bins, and chemical storage areas.
  • Consider using glare lighting as a deterrent. It can blind intruders, making it difficult for them to see who or what is in their vicinity.
  • Put exterior lights on motion sensors or control them with photocells that turn them on and off according to the amount of natural light available. Manual switches and timers are less effective.

Abide by local light pollution standards in your area.