Section 3. Emergency Information for Responders

Here is information about emergency responders.

Build Your Farm Map and Keep Safe

A farm map should include a simple sketch of the layout of your farm Farm at sunrise
with the buildings and other structures, livestock pens, fence lines and roads labeled. Since emergency responders may have only a few seconds to determine what they must do when dealing with a fire, explosion, accident, crime, or biohazard on your farm, your farm map should also include a basic inventory of each structure. This will help you accurately inform first responders about potential hazards.

For example, during a fire where there was no farm map, the producer told responders as much as he remembered about what was stored in the building. About 10 minutes after the conversation, an intense explosion occurred inside the barn. The farmer said, “I forgot there was a 55-gallon drum of used oil behind the door.”

Keep your farm map safe and accessible.  Responders to fire emergencies require full disclosure of information. Otherwise, keep details of inventory and security measures confidential to prevent crime.