The Military Families Learning Network Early Intervention team offers the course Childhood Trauma: Understanding, Supporting, and Preventing. The course allows students to proceed at your own pace. It includes audio and audio, so the student must have a computer with those capabilities along with the capability to play flash files and open PDF files.

This material is based on work supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Office of Military Family Readiness Policy, U.S. Department of Defense Award Number 2015-48770-24368. 

For information contact Robyn DiPietro-Wells:

Instructional designer: Jen Chilek 

The purpose of Documenting Children’s Learning is to learn how to document children’s learning through observation and to prepare for in-person training offered by Nebraska Extension. This course is developed using Flash content so your device must be able to play flash in order to access the course.

For more information contact Katie Krause, UNL Extension,

Welcome to the eXtension Alliance for Better Child Care database of hands-on activities. Here you will find hundreds of hands-on, ready-to-do activities especially designed to help young children of different ages learn, develop, and flourish. The activities are designed for child care providers, parents, grandparents, and anyone else who works with children. For more information visit

Welcome to the Children's Book Database for early learning and care providers. The EABCC team has reviewed booklists, databases, and children's literature reviews to identify books that you can use to address the social/emotional needs of children in your care and that reflect the unique experiences of military connected children. Each book entry includes a summary, suggested uses and a discussion forum where you can share your ideas, activities, and passion for children's literature. If you have questions contact Jane Lanigan, Washington State University Vancouver at

Project TRIP:  Transforming Relationships Through Intergenerational Programs is an online course for staff members of both adult and child care service providers interested in implementing intergenerational programs. The purpose of this course is to present emerging best practices associated with intergenerational programs. Intergenerational programs are those that connect younger and older generations to foster positive experiences. Research continues to grow, noting that when successfully delivered, intergenerational programs result in positive health effects, child learning, and appropriate socialization for both young and old. This is a self-paced course.  You may start at any time, and there is no time limit for completion.

For more information or to enroll please contact: 

Shannon Jarrott, Professor of Social Work, The Ohio State University (  
OR Karen DeBord, Extension Specialist, Family and Human Development, Virginia Tech (

Co-Parenting for Successful Kids is an unbiased, research-based education class designed to help separating and divorcing parents cope with divorce and custody. Parents learn to answer children’s questions and keep their children safe and out of their conflict. Co-Parenting for Successful Kids strengthens communication skills to improve interactions with children and the other parent. The goal of Co-Parenting for Successful Kids is to develop respectful, responsive, and responsible Co-Parents.

For information contact: or Toll free (855) 308-8037 (If no one answers leave a message and we will call you back). Also, you may try 402-873-3166.

The audience for this course is: The Learning Child Team, Early Childhood Educators who will develop a better understanding of how to use Moodle by taking this course.

For more information or to enroll contact: Katie Fink at 

La Crianza Compartida para el Éxito de los Hijos, es una clase educativa imparcial, basada en la investigación, diseñada para ayudar a los padres que se están separando o divorciando, a lidiar con el divorcio y la custodia. Los padres aprenden a responder a las preguntas de los niños y a mantener a sus hijos protegidos y separados del conflicto de sus padres. La Crianza Compartida para el Éxito de los Hijos fortalece las habilidades de comunicación para mejorar las interacciones con los niños y el otro padre. El objetivo de la clase es que los padres aprendan a desarrollar una crianza compartida respetuosa, receptiva y responsable.

Para más información, haga contacto a través del correo: o haga una llamada gratuita al (855) 308-8037 (Si nadie responde deje un mensaje y le devolveremos la llamada).

Crianza compartida: Guía del usuario
Lista de recursos para la crianza compartida

The audience for this course is: Students in vocational programs across Mississippi

By taking this course, students will learn: This course will cover our decision-making around and relationship with money; spending and saving plans; credit building and debt management; investing and preparing for retirement; identity theft; and major purchases and insurance. The focus will be on taking action steps to improve one’s financial wellness.

For more information or to enroll please contact: Dr. Becky Smith, Mississippi State University Extension,