Course Introduction

A Few Important Details

  • This course does not have to be completed in one session. You may sign out and continue at a later time. 

  • This course should take approximately 1.5 hours to complete in its entirety.

  • There will be a practice quiz after each module to help you prepare for the final exam. Quizzes, videos, and hyperlinks are optional, but highly recommended.

  • There is a glossary to help with definitions and acronyms that are used in this course and a set of resources and references that are used throughout this course that provides links to general set up, health, and maintenance of a backyard flock.

  • You must score 70% or higher on the final exam to receive your certification. After passing, you may print the Avian Influenza Biosecurity Certificate of Completion. When finished, please take a few minutes to fill out the course evaluation and provide any insight you feel could improve this course.

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