Section 2. Prevention

  1. Prevention
  2. Biosecurity
  3. Isolation
  4. Traffic Control
  5. Sanitation
  6. Decontamination
  7. Vaccination
  8. Registration
  9. Fairs, Shows, and Exhibits
  10. Surveillance and Monitoring


By the end of this section you should be able to

  • List at least three reasons for being prepared and
  • Describe biosecurity and surveillance measures that can stop the spread of disease.

Prevention is the key to protecting your birds from AI and other diseases. Birds lost to disease can lead to financial and emotional losses. Use biosecurity precautions to reduce the risk of your birds contracting and spreading disease among your flocks. This short U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) video is an introduction to the basics of biosecurity.

USDA APHIS "Healthy Bird" Video