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    This course is JUST RIGHT FOR YOU if you are between the ages 9 and 19, and you're concerned about the health of your chickens!  We want to help you learn more about the avian influenza virus and some basic biosecurity measures that you can use to prevent the spread of this and other diseases. 

    When you have finished the four parts of this course and final exam, you can receive your Avian Influenza Biosecurity Course Certificate. This course material may be reproduced free of charge for public use, however, it is not be be used for profit or financial gain. Be sure to tell your 4-H or FFA group about this course so they can take it too!   

    This course is now available in 64 different languages. To change the language please select the language of choice from the Google Translate box below. Please note that some languages may not be properly translated. 

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    Want to practice what you just learned? 
    If you are 16 years or older, come visit our online backyard flock and test your biosecurity knowledge with some hands on fun. 
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