The cleanliness of your home can surprisingly affect your wellbeing and academic performance as a college student. It plays a significant and often overlooked role in both your mental and physical health.

The link between a clean, organized home and your stress level

Cleaning and organizing can improve your mood and reinforce a sense of control. When your home is dirty and cluttered, it can trigger feelings of confusion, tension, and irritability. On the other hand, a clean and organized home tends to promote a sense of calmness and well-being.

Dr. Danielle Roeske, Psy.D., Vice President of Residential Services at Newport Healthcare, explains that our external environments can reflect our emotional and psychic states. When our environment is ordered and structured, it can help us manage our internal feelings and world.

Clutter can contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety. A 2009 research study by UCLA found that mothers living in cluttered homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Mayo Clinic and Princeton University also found that clutter can increase cortisol levels, leading to decreased productivity, insomnia, weight gain, procrastination, and depression. Furthermore, people with depression may struggle to maintain a clean and organized home, creating a vicious cycle.

Cleaning can be a great exercise in mindfulness. It brings your attention to the present moment in a positive way, as you notice surfaces becoming cleaner and items getting organized. This can enhance your focus and clarity, making you less irritable and more productive.

If you're having trouble focusing on a project, consider decluttering your home and workspace. You might find that organizing your things and clearing away messes improve your concentration and productivity.

By having a clean and tidy apartment, you can boost your academic success via better mental health, with improved mood, enhanced self-control, lessoned anxiety, more focus, and clearer clarity.

The impact of a clean, organized home on your physical health

According to a study by NiCole Keith, PhD, a research scientist and professor at Indiana University, people with clean homes tend to be healthier than those with messy homes. The cleanliness of your home can directly affect your immune system and risk of infection. Viruses and bacteria can rapidly multiply on dirty kitchen counters, posing a significant risk to your health.

Cleaning can also increase your physical activity. Tasks like wiping, dusting, mopping, and vacuuming require constant movement and provide moderate exercise.

Health is so important to your academic success. Having a clean and organized home is one of the best investments for your academic success.

Surprising, but true.

How to maintain a clean and organized home during your academic year

Start small: Commit to doing one cleaning task per day, like cleaning the kitchen counter or picking up scattered clothes.

Form a habit: Always put things back after using This can eliminate most clutter.

Establish a regular cleaning routine: Spend 30 minutes each Sunday cleaning your This can include cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms, and vacuuming and mopping the floor. You can do so with a good cleaning check list for kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms.

Get help: Consider hiring a cleaning service to ensure a clean and organized This can allow you to focus on your studies and achieve academic excellence.

Establishing a bi-weekly or monthly cleaning schedule can greatly improve your mental and physical health. Fresh Tech Maid, a house cleaning service Chicago, offers a 10% discount for college students and specializes in chemical-free cleaning, providing a safer and healthier environment for you. Most importantly, such a cleaning help will help to secure your academic success at college.

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