IPM Topics Added

IPM Topics Added

by Lauren Snowden -
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The following Integrated Pest Management  topics have been added to this course:

Urban and Community Integrated Pest Management Webinars 

2022 webinars

  • Controlling Weeds (IPM)
  • Invasive Species in California (Part 2) (IPM)
  • Squirrels (IPM)
  • Understanding Subterranean Termites: the Social Cockroaches Eating Our Homes (IPM)
  • Bed Bug Prevention (IPM)
  • New Year, New Pests (Invasive Pests, Part 1)
2021 webinars
  • Understanding Pesticides
  • Controlling Ants Around the Home
  • Identifying Insect Pests in the Home and Garden
  • Weed Identification
  • Plant Diseases and Abiotic Disorders
  • IPM for Rodents
  • Springtime Household pests
  • Navigating the UC IPM website and new features
  • What is IPM?
All the above is self-paced and can be accessed anytime. 
Thank you and happy learning. 

Lauren Snowden
Statewide Training Coordinator