Section 3. Biosecurity

  1. Prevention
  2. Biosecurity
  3. Isolation
  4. Traffic Control
  5. Sanitation
  6. Decontamination

Sanitation I: Waste Management

Maintain a healthy flock by keeping your poultry houses clean. To decrease smells and disease keep floors and litter dry, provide proper drainage and ventilation, and remove and dispose of accumulated manure. Check with your local Department of Environment or Natural Resources Conservation Service for approved waste disposal options.

Handling Materials:

  • Do not use your bare hands when handling waste materials; always wear gloves.
  • Prevent direct contact by using tools such as shovels, pitchforks, and wheelbarrows.
  • Always wash your hands after handling waste materials; never rub your eyes, eat, or drink if you have dirty gloves on or have not washed your hands with soap and water.

CDC: Cade Martin
Manure Disposal:

  • Remove and dispose manure before adding new flocks. This will help deter pests.
  • Do not use fresh manure as a fertilizer for gardens as there may be diseases present. It may also kill your plants.14
  • Composting is the best way to dispose of manure. Composted manure may be used as fertilizer on gardens. Do not add dead animals to your compost. For more information on composting visit eXtension's Soil and Composting.

Howdiniguru - How to Make Compost