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    Welcome to WxTV's "12 Steps to Lead Paint Work Safety" Training Course!

    Confused about how to deal with lead-based paint? This WxTV episode covers the basics of Lead-Safe Weatherization Minimum Standards and the EPA Renovation, Repair and Paint Rule (RRP) and guides you through a typical lead-safe job from start to finish.

    To complete the "12 Steps to Lead Safety" course, you will need to obtain an eXtension ID and enroll in the course. While there is no charge to view the course material, there is a $30 fee to test your knowledge and obtain a certificate of completion. This key can be purchased by visiting MSU Extension's Store, and selecting item number #7008. Click Here to go there now.

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    Course Content
    The content for this course is a video episode from WxTv.
    Click on the link below to view this video. Please be patient and let the entire episode load before watching. The time that this takes may vary, depending on your internet connection. After you have watched the entire episode, and feel you are ready to attempt the quiz, click on the course quiz link below.

    12 Steps to Lead Safety
    Running Length: 45:26

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    Test Your Knowledge
    You will need to complete this quiz with an 80% or higher to receive your certificate. If you do not pass the first time, you can go back and review the episode again, and attempt to take the quiz again.

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    Print Your Certificate
    Once you have successfully completed this course, a link to access your certificate of completion will appear below. Click on this link to view and print your certificate.

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