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  • Changing Public Behavior: People and the Environment

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  • Get Started

    Investigate course structure and review suggestions for how to get the most out of this course.
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  • Unit 1 -- Organize your approach

    cows following a path
    Learn to use education tools and techniques effectively. Realize your natural resource conservation and management goals.
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  • Unit 2 -- Identify a target audience

    An education or outreach initiative designed to address an environmental management goal can only be truly successful if it changes those characteristics, of individuals or groups, that are contributing to the situation.
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  • Unit 3 -- The environmental practice

    Ways we use water
    Describe the specific practice that a specific audience can implement to address the environmental problem.
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  • Unit 4 -- Behavior change

    Link environmental management with behavior change goals by understanding how to apply behavior change theories and techniques.

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  • Unit 5 -- Collect audience information

    Image of a pie chartIs your audience ready for change? Learn how to find out, as well as how to gather and interpret data about your audience and their interest in the proposed environmental practices.
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  • Unit 6 -- Select target behaviors

    Figure out which of the potential behaviors you identified in Unit 3 (Step 3 of the planning tool) are likely to be adopted by the target audience whose behavior you studied in Unit 5.
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  • Unit 7 -- Select techniques

    Any Storm drain stencilspecific technique is likely to be more effective in some situations than in others. Making this choice is the art of education.
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  • Unit 8 -- Putting it all together

    Monitor the impact of your actions, analyze results, and adjust your actions in response to assure that you are likely to reach your target in the long run.
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