Topic outline

  • Welcome to the "Montana 4-H Volunteer Professional Development" training.

    The “Montana 4-H Volunteer Professional Development” course is a series of modules designed to give Montana 4-H volunteers a foundation for their work with the 4-H program in Montana.

    After completing the course, volunteers will have an expanded knowledge of volunteer roles & relationships, creating a safe and inclusive environment, promoting positive youth development, helping young people learn by doing and much more.  

    Contact your local MSU Extension office for an enrollment key to get started.  

    • This guide is designed to provide basic information about being a volunteer leader and outlines the responsibilities that organizational leaders have when helping youth in a club setting. It may not answer ALL of your questions, but the hope is that it will be an important resource that answers many of them.

    • This guide is designed to help you get your club off to a successful start by outlining the building blocks of 4-H and steps to starting a new 4-H club.

  • Introduction


    The New Volunteer Training is designed to give new volunteers basic information to prepare them for service in 4-H.  This training has four modules that are designed to be completed in sequential order. 
    The modules do not need to be completed in one sitting and will pick up where you left off when you return to the training. 

    The overall training will take approximately 1 hour to complete. 

    Technical Note: This training works best using the Mozilla Firefox Browser.  You can download it for free by clicking here

    For more enrollment information please contact your local Montana State University Extension Office.

    For more information please contact:

    Kelton Jensen, 4-H Volunteer and Program Delivery Associate Specialist
    Montana State University Extension

  • Module 1: Volunteer Roles & Relationships

    Learn about the history of 4-H, 4-H's connection to Montana State University, and what personal benefits 4-H volunteers experience. 

  • Module 2: You Can Create a Safe and Inclusive Environment

    Learn the actions you can take to create a safe and inclusive environment for the youth in your 4-H programs.

  • Module 3: You Can Promote Positive Youth Development

    You have the responsibility and privilege to promote Positive Youth Development (PYD) through 4-H programming. In this module you will learn the five elements for promoting PYD. 
  • Module 4: You Can Help Young People Learn by Doing

    Learn the five steps to create experiential learning.