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    Welcome to Invasive Plant Early Detection and Rapid Response Training.

    These courses are part of a state-wide effort to promote early detection and rapid response (EDRR) across the state of Montana and the region. The goal of EDRR is to recognize high priority plants and take actions to manage them while populations are still small, meaning they can be eradicated or controlled with much less cost financially and environmentally. In order to make EDRR work, you need to know how to identify plants you encounter in the field.

    Therefore, the first course in this 3-course series is an introduction to plant identification, covering essential plant anatomy terms to help you identify weeds. The second course describes diagnostic features of Montana’s Priority 1A-2A species, and the last course covers Montana’s Priority 2B-3 species.

    You must take the courses sequentially in the order presented and pass them with at least 70% before proceeding to the next course. The opportunity to attempt each quiz will not appear until you have gone through all of the required course materials.You may retake a course as many times as necessary to advance.

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    Before you begin this course, we need to collect some basic information from you, to ensure any pesticide credits are applied correctly. Please take a few minutes to provide answers to these questions, prior to beginning the course. This is especially important if you wish to receive credit for completing this course.

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    Conclusion & Wrap-up:
    Now that you have completed the Invasive Plant Early Detection and Rapid Response Training we would love to receive any comments or suggestions that you may have. Please leave any feedback or questions you may for us here.

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