6 Unbeatable Outdoor Storage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Easter

Easter is a joyful time. Spring is beginning and the weather is finally good enough to spend time outdoors. But this also brings with it the challenge of keeping all your lovely Easter and Spring decorations. And once the season is over, you’re going to want to store all your decor in a neat and tidy place, right?

Well, let’s talk about it! Here are 6 outdoor storage solutions (and tips) so you can enjoy the sunny season with an organized garden and a clear mind.

1. DIY Storage Hacks for Easter Decor

Storing your Easter decor doesn't have to be a headache. With a little creativity, you can find DIY storage solutions that keep your decorations safe without the need for expensive products.

Easter Storage Hacks: Creative Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Here are a few budget-friendly ideas:

·         Egg Cartons for Small Ornaments: Perfect for individual eggs or small bunnies.

·         PVC Pipes for Wreaths: Keep your wreaths in shape by storing them on cut PVC pipes.

·         Garden Hooks for Hanging Decor: Use hooks around your shed or fence to hang decor items safely off the ground.

2. The Perfect Hideaway for Easter Decor: Plastic Sheds


Storing seasonal decor can quickly turn into an overwhelming and annoying task – especially when it comes to keeping fragile Easter decorations safe and organized.

The main challenges include finding a space that's dry, easily accessible, and capable of protecting these items from the elements and pests.

Why Choose a Plastic Shed for Easter Decoration Storage?

Plastic sheds offer a perfect solution to these challenges. they offer an ideal solution, with models designed to meet various needs:

·         For small spaces: The fit-it 4x4 plastic storage shed, with its cool gray color, offers a compact footprint (15.1 sq.ft) but ample storage capacity (90.66 cu.ft). It’s ideal for those with limited outdoor space or smaller decor collections.

·         Mid-size collections: The fit-it 4x6 plastic storage shed steps up in size and offers a coverage area of 22.65 sq.ft and a storage capacity of 135.92 cu.ft. Its cool gray color blends seamlessly into any backyard aesthetic, while the shed itself provides ample space for a variety of items, from Easter decorations to garden tools.

·         For large collections: The kick-it 8x6 plastic shed is the best when it comes to space and durability. With a generous storage capacity of 286 cu.ft and a coverage area of 41.9 sq.ft, this shed can accommodate the most extensive of Easter decor collections.

With durable construction that's built to last and a lifetime warranty, you can trust these sheds to keep your decorations secure year after year.

3. Sturdy and Spacious: Metal Sheds for Larger Easter Supplies


For anyone who has a larger outdoor space or more significant storage needs, finding a reliable way to store bulky garden equipment and seasonal decorations can be challenging.

The goal is to keep these items out of the way yet easily accessible – all while protecting them from weather, pests, and potential damage. A sturdy, spacious storage solution is essential for maintaining order and extending the lifespan of your belongings.

Metal Shed: Your Solution for Bulky Easter Decor Storage

Patiowell’s metal sheds are designed to meet these needs head-on. Here's a quick guide to help you choose:

·         For large garden and decor needs: The spacious interior of the 10x10 metal shed is perfect for those with a broad range of items – be it large Easter decorations to garden machinery. Its availability in Khaki and Cool Gray allows for seamless integration into any outdoor aesthetic.

·         For extensive storage needs: With extra headroom and ample space, the 10x12 metal shed with peak roof is perfect for those with significant outdoor storage requirements. It’s ideal for securing larger outdoor equipment along with voluminous seasonal decorations, and its peak roof design guarantees easy accommodation of taller items.

·         For balanced practicality and space: The 8x12 metal shed offers a perfect solution for anyone who needs a balance between size and usability. This shed is well-suited for storing medium to large Easter decoration collections and garden tools.

Each of these sheds is made from high-strength steel, designed to withstand the elements, and also comes with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.

4. Innovative Accessories for Organized Décor


When it comes to keeping your Easter and spring decorations in check, the right accessories can make all the difference. Finding a place for every little egg, bunny, and garland can be tricky without the proper organizational tools.

The goal here is to maximize space while making sure that every item is easily accessible and protected.

So, how do you keep your metal shed tidy and your seasonal decorations in order? The detachable storage rack makes it easy. How?

·         It maximizes space: By taking advantage of vertical storage, the rack allows you to organize tools, garden supplies, and Easter decor efficiently. This frees up floor space for larger items.

·         It organizes essentials: The rack’s dimensions (23.5"x9.6"x63") make it ideal for segmenting your shed’s interior into dedicated areas, so you can store items by category and find them easily when needed.

·         It stores seasonal decor: With its robust design, the rack is perfect for keeping delicate Easter decorations safely off the ground and protected from potential damage.

5. Maximize Space with Deck Boxes


Seasonal items often clutter up garages and closets. This makes it hard to keep your living spaces organized and tidy.

The challenge here lies in finding a storage solution that's not only efficient in space-saving but also accessible and capable of protecting items from weather damage. The ideal solution would offer a way to declutter your living areas while keeping your seasonal items in great condition for their next use.

Deck Box Storage: Ideal for Small Easter Items

Deck boxes are the answer to this storage issue. These useful and adaptable boxes are perfect for smaller items. They offer weather-resistant protection and a compact footprint that fits neatly in any outdoor space.

No matter if you need to store garden tools, seasonal cushions, or delicate Easter decorations, these deck boxes provide a convenient and reliable solution that helps to keep your outdoor area organized and your items safe from the elements.

6. Spring Cleaning Tips for All Your Outdoor Decor

As the seasons change, so do our decoration needs. The challenge is keeping all these seasonal items organized and ready for their time to shine. Without a plan, you might find yourself sifting through boxes of tangled lights or cracked ornaments. The key to year-round tidiness is adopting a smart approach to organizing your outdoor decor.

Here are some tips for maintaining an organized space:

·         Label Everything: Clearly mark boxes and bins with their contents.

·         Rotate Seasonally: Keep the current season's decor at the front and center.

·         Dedicate Zones: Assign specific areas in your shed for specific types of decor.

Enjoy Spring in a Clutter-Free Garden

Finding the right storage solutions means your Easter and spring decorations last longer, you save space inside your house, and setting up or taking down your holiday decor is a breeze.

At Patiowell, we have everything you need for outdoor storage. We mix practicality with good looks. Your plastic shed or any shed from Patiowell keeps your Easter decor safe so that your backyard is tidy and ready for fun.

We hope that your search for durable outdoor storage, outdoor storage ideas, and storage hacks for backyard decorating tips is over after reading this article. Make your outdoor area a spot of beauty and order this season.


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