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  • Fed Plans to Boost US Banks' Reserve Requirements; Industry Gripes The Federal Reserve is planning to boost US banks' reserve requirements, which would require them to hold more cash on hand. This is seen as a way to help the Fed control inflation, but it has also drawn criticism from the banking industry, which says it will put a strain on their operations.
  • TikTok Crackdown Bill May Need Changes, US Senator Says A bill that would ban TikTok from the US market may need to be changed in order to pass, a US senator said. The bill has been met with opposition from some lawmakers, who say it is too broad and could harm other businesses.
  • Meta's Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Down for Thousands of Users Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp were all down for thousands of users on Monday morning. The outage lasted for about an hour, and the cause is still under investigation.
  • Standard Chartered Boosts 2024 Bitcoin Forecast to $120,000 Standard Chartered has boosted its 2024 bitcoin forecast to $120,000. The bank said that bitcoin is becoming more widely accepted as a store of value, and that its price could reach $120,000 by the end of 2024.
  • UAW to Open Contract Talks with Detroit Three Automakers on Thursday The United Auto Workers (UAW) will open contract talks with the Detroit Three automakers on Thursday. The talks are expected to be tough, as the UAW is seeking significant wage increases and other concessions from the automakers.

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