Activity 5.6 Select a survey tool


Activity 5.6 — Assessment methods warm-up

Resource for this activity:

7-Step Process in Practice: a Case Study example (Arkansas case study)


For this activity, review the outreach needs identified in the Arkansas case study Steps 3 and 4.

This activity is suggested as a warm-up for Assignment 5.6, to get your brain focused and creative. The goal is to familiarize yourself with survey results summarized in the Arkansas Case Study, Step 4.


1. Look at Case Study Step 3, and choose one of the priority topics.

2. Now, look at the survey findings summarized in Case Study Step 4.

Which finding(s) refer to the priority topic you chose?

Which audience(s) could have an impact on that topic?

3. BONUS QUESTION – How could you work in collaboration with the audience you identified to identify barriers and opportunities to adopt the recommended behavior?

The emphasis in this question is on "working in collaboration" with the target audience. But you may also want to review Lesson 4.3 for a reminder about "barriers" to change. We'll work on more specific strategies for understanding barriers and opportunities in Units 6 and 7.


In Assignment 5.6 you consider: Why did the Arkansas team choose to use a survey to study their target audience. Did the survey produce the information the Arkansas team needed in order to design an outreach initiative? Were there other assessment tools better suited to the situation. Why or why not? Click here to start Assignment 5.6 now.

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