Course materials

Primary handouts and links that you will use throughout the course.

Key resources

Links to these and other resources are provided within each assignment, but you may find it helpful to download them in advance. Links are provided in this text as well as on the course page.

In this course you will follow a step-by-step process to complete a behavior change planning tool, using a case study as an example.

Changing Public Behavior Self-Study Modules, Introduction. Educating about Behavior and the Environment planning tool, doc file pages 1 and 2. [NOTE: "opening" the doc file may take a minute or two; you may find it more convenient to "save" and retrieve the file from your computer.]

Changing Public Behavior, Workshop Materials. Seven Step Process in Practice: a Case Study example (Arkansas case study pdf).

Assignments for this course use a variety of content including explanatory paragraphs, slides in PDF format, and worksheets. In addition to the planning tool and case study there are a few other key resources, listed below.

Changing Public Behavior Web site. Home page. 

Water Outreach Web site. Accomplish What? 

Changing Public Behavior, Workshop Materials. Behavior Change Theories and Techniques fact sheet (pdf).

Course resources are identified and linked within each Unit lesson. 

Resources and references are also listed together in a PDF. The file provides URLs as well, in case you are having any difficulty with course links.

Resources and References  


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