Assignments and course completion

Explanation for how assignments fit within course activities and lead to course completion.

Course completion

You can receive a course "badge" when you complete 75% of the assignments at a satisfactory level. Unit badges are also available for some topics. See Units 4, 5, and 7. Email the instructors for information.

Assignments require that you apply new knowledge or skills presented in each unit, whereas Forums and Activities are designed to give you practice, as well as feedback from other course participants.

Assignments give you the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of a particular skill, and an opportunity for personal interaction with an instructor. Completed assignments will be reviewed as quickly as possible. For most participants this is a non-credit course, but participants will be alerted when they have completed the assignment to a "satisfactory' level. Participants are invited to redo an assignment until they have achieved a "satisfactory" designation. Criteria for assessment are provided for each Unit, on the Unit course page.

Assignment directions can be found by opening the assignment within each Unit.

Refer to the course outline for a printed version of the assignment list below.

 Changing Public Behavior


ASSIGNMENT 1.4: Your personal education plan

ASSIGNMENT 1.5: Describe an environmental management situation that you are working on

ASSIGNMENT 1.7: Make the connection between behavior and outreach planning

ASSIGNMENT 2.3: Work with a team

ASSIGNMENT 2.4: Behavior Change Planning Tool -- Identify your audience

ASSIGNMENT 3.2: Assess a behavior you recommend in your own outreach initiative

ASSIGNMENT 3.4: For your situation – Identify an environmental practice and outline single behaviors leading to that practice

ASSIGNMENT 4.2: Use the Best Education Practices Decision Tree to narrow outreach options

ASSIGNMENT 4.6: Analyze a change in behavior

ASSIGNMENT 4.7: Practicum – Identify environmental practices that can make a difference

ASSIGNMENT 5.3: Practicum – Investigate the human dimension of an environmental concern

ASSIGNMENT 5.6: Practicum – Assess an Audience

ASSIGNMENT 5.8: Apply the planning tool

There are no assignments in Unit 6.

ASSIGNMENT 7.5: Your situation – Select target behaviors and outreach techniques

ASSIGNMENT 8.3: Practicum – Assessing your plan, assessing yourself


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