Activity 8.1 An assessment tool

Resource for this activity

Water Outreach Web site, Water Outreach Self-Assessment — for review of messages, campaigns, programs, materials, events. 

Found at, with links to explanations found elsewhere on the Water Outreach Web site.

Educational Practices Checklist, the Self-Assessment checklist formatted for easier application to program evaluation. Found at (in Background Information)

For a PDF version, click here

For a DOC file version, click here


The Water Outreach Self-Assessment is another resource available on the Water Outreach Web site, and is applicable to any natural resource education or communication initiative. This worksheet is useful for monitoring or evaluating the application of Best Education Practices in your initiative.

Apply the worksheet questions to your program initiative, as you have described it throughout this course using the Behavior Change Planning Tool.

♦ Have you applied Best Education Practices?

How would you change your program initiative to better address Best Practices?

Note your answers, and save for future discussion. 


Take a minute for a quick review of evaluation principles and purpose in Lesson 8.2. You will find a number of support materials there as well.

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