Unit 6 Assessment

Unit 6 assessment

A Learner can consider Unit 6 completed when:

In relation to the Educating about Behavior and the Environment planning tool Step #5,  the learner's response to Lesson 6.4 questions discusses option "a" or option "b" below,

a. I need to find more information to be able to answer one or more of the Step #5 guiding questions.

For which questions am I missing information? How will I gather that information?

b. I can answer the Step #5 guiding questions about my own situation, or a hypothetical situation that I have used for this course.

I interpret the information I've developed so far in the following way: ______________ ?

The learner can provide a yes/no response for each of the following points and provide evidence for the response, when reviewing Arkansas case study results for Step #6.

Did the Arkansas project:

  • Accurately describe the situation?
  • Work with a team?
  • Identify one or more audiences who can make a difference in this situation?
  • Identify one or more behaviors that experts agree would make a difference to the situation?
  • Describe a measurable outcome that could be achieved in the short-term?
  •  Analyze the components of each preferred behavior – to make sure the team understands what it would take to carry out the behavior, and to provide a foundation for investigating audience capabilities and interests?
  • Collect enough information about the potential audience to be able to ascertain the likelihood that they will be motivated and able to accomplish the preferred behavior?
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