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Help in using the Moodle course site

Navigation hints:

The Main Course Page presents the entire course structure. Units are described in the middle column, and also listed in the Navigation block on the right.

Each Unit has a home page where you will find an annotated list of Unit content and activities.

To get to a Unit page, click on the title (Get Started; Unit 1; etc.) on the main course page, or in the Navigation block on the right.

To go to the previous or next Unit in the sequence, locate the Unit title in the pale blue (or grey) bar at the top or bottom of the Unit page and arrow backward or forward (< or >); or choose return to the main course page.

OR use the Navigation block to link directly to specific content or activities at any point during the course.

Unit navigation

The major content of each Unit is found within Lessons and Resource Pages. Other content is found within forums, assignments, and activities. On the Main Course Page, each of these are identified by their own icon.

moodle lesson icon Lessons are indicated by a flow chart diagram. To navigate within a lesson, use the links at the bottom of each page of the lesson, or the Lesson Menu navigation at the left of the lesson page.

 page icon Resource Pages are indicated by a folded page icon. Pages provide instructions or course resources.

NOTE: Moodle software is upgraded from time to time and the exact appearance of the icons may change.

Course links

Many course pages link to other Web sites or documents.

Links within lessons are set to appear in multiple ways. Documents are provided in a pop-up screen; Web links are provided in a new tab; and the Next Activity is provided in the same tab.

Documents on the Unit page are set to appear in a pop-up screen. If you have "pop-up blocker" turned on, you may get an error message when you try to open the document. Usually you will be able to right click on the document link to produce a menu, where you can choose to open the link in a new tab.

If document links appear in a TAB, you may prefer to "turn off" your "pop up blocker" or adjust the settings to allow pop-ups from this course.

Please alert the course instructors if you are having any trouble with linked documents or Web sites.

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