Activity 5.7 Use existing data


Activity 5.7 Use existing data


Resources for Activity 5.7:

Changing Public Behavior, Sample Workshop MaterialsUse the Water Outreach Education Web site, pages 19 – 20. Also found at

Changing Public Behavior Self Study Modules. STEP 4. Collect audience information relevant to the environmental practice and specific behaviors:  

What methodologies or technologies are available for exploring the social dimensions of a particular environmental concern?

See especially,

Changing Public Behavior Target Audience Database. The examples below are noted in the "bread crumbs" for each of the linked pages.


Practicum: Use existing data

The Water Outreach Target Audience Database is an online tool to identify research-based findings about specific audiences. Findings present audience-specific education practices that are:

  • Shown to be more effective
  • Corroborated by published research
  • Organized by outreach component

Although the Target Audience Database presents research related to communication and outreach about water, the findings are informative for initiatives related to any natural resource topic.

PROBLEM: Use the Target Audience Database to help design an outreach initiative relevant to your audience.


1. On the Target Audience Database Web page: review the introduction and briefly explain what the database includes, to yourself or to a colleague.

2. In advance of linking to research results:

  • Identify one audience that you would like to consider for an outreach focus.
  • Name a specific behavior you want to address.

3. Then, on the Target Database Web page: select the Audience tab [or select "Browse by Audience"]; then select the audience most like the one for your proposed initiative. Which audience did you choose? 

4. Refine your results by selecting a Study Theme or a Best Education Practice. How did you choose to refine your results?

5. Identify one research finding that you could apply in designing your outreach initiative.

6. Click on the research finding to see the citation. Who is the author of the research study?

Slides below show the appearance of the database pages.

CPB targetaud_audiences
CPB targetaud_conservationprofs
CPB targetaud_conservprofs_outreach
CPB targetaud_finding

8. What other Audiences, Study Themes, or Best Education Practices are addressed by this same study? (Hint: Look at “Finding Details” in the citation.)

9. Use the “bread crumbs” at the top of the page to return to the Target Audience Database home page. Start a new search by selecting a Study Theme this time. Select one that’s potentially relevant to your outreach focus. Which did you choose?

10. Refine your results by selecting an Audience. Identify one finding that you could apply in designing your outreach initiative.

11. Continue to review research findings and select at least 4 more findings that you could apply in designing your outreach initiative. List your results

Show a colleague how to use the Target Audience Database!!


Name one other source of existing information that you could use. How would you use it? Hint: Look at Table 3 in the Changing Public Behavior online self-study module.


Perfect your art. In Forum 5.7, try a brief activity – develop new data using an interview, observation, or participatory action technique. Click here to open Forum 5.7 now.

Review all three techniques in preparation for Assignment 5.8, The SONDEO.

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