Activity 4.6 Collect audience information


ACTIVITY 4.6 Why collect audience information?

Resource for this activity

Changing Public Behavior Self Study Modules, Step 4. Collect audience information relevant to the environmental practice and specific behaviors. See especially


Review your ideas about the connection between conservation, environmental management, and behavior change goals. If you haven’t done this already, take a few minutes to read the introductory content in the Changing Public Behavior Self Study Modules, Step 4

Read the first 4 sections of the Introduction plus Case Study I.

What new insights have you gained about consciously addressing behavior change while pursuing your environmental management goals?

Keep notes about your thoughts and use them as reference for the following Assignments.


In Lesson 4.7 you will examine the Integrative Model of Behavior Theories in detail. And you will practice applying what you learn in Assignments 4.6 and 4.7.

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