Activity 4.1 Influences your behavior?


Activity 4.1, leads to Forum 4.1

Activity 4.1, What influences your own behavior?


In this activity, you explore influences that may have affected your own behavior in order to get practice in thinking about the types of information you may need to understand about your audiences. Knowing yourself, how would you prepare a learning opportunity to change your own behavior?

See Lesson 4.1 for background about this activity.

Choose one feature of your situation: your economic condition; your socioeconomic status; or your family structure.

Which feature did you choose? ___________________

How does this one feature influence who you are?

For example, my children are grown and live in a different part of the country; but every member of our family makes staying in touch a priority [family structure]. 

 Now, choose one aspect of your character from the list below and explain how your [economic condition, socioeconomic status, or family structure] affects that aspect.

For example, the fact that my socioeconomic status is middle class, gives me confidence that I will be able to achieve most goals that I set for myself [belief in myself].

Choose one quality of your character and explain how it is affected:

    • Your aspirations: how are they affected by your economic condition, socioeconomic status, or family structure? 
    • Your belief in yourself
    • Your personal standards
    • Your emotional state

Write a short statement summarizing your response; and keep it handy, to guide your contribution in Forum 4.1.


In Forum 4.1, you use this information about your situation and its impact on your character to reflect on how your understanding of yourself may affect a personal decision. Build understanding about what influences a person's behavior by sharing your thoughts in discussion with other course participants.

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