Unit 8 Introduction


Have your decisions lead to a successful initiative?

Putting it all together

Evaluation helps you reflect on a program, make changes in it, and make decisions about it.

Monitoring helps you check your process and progress as you go.

Have your decisions lead to a successful initiative? No matter what the education purpose, monitoring and evaluation are invaluable to creating the impact you hope for. But in the case of working to change behavior, it is an absolute necessity.

As we’ve reviewed in Unit 5, human behavior is a highly complex activity with so many dimensions that it is easy to miss important elements as you decide what you want to do. Monitoring the impact of your actions, analyzing results, and adjusting your actions in response assure that you are more likely to reach your target in the long run.

Finish the course

Take a few moments to review the process, outlined in the Educating about Behavior and the Environment planning tool.

Complete an assessment of the plan you drafted during the course, and an assessment of your self-confidence in applying skills you studied during the course in Assignment 8.3.

Write a brief professional development plan for yourself. What will you do next? Give yourself the opportunity to repeat any of the activities or Units to clarify your understanding.

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