Unit 7 Introduction


Whether the goal is to increase citizen involvement or to transform individual or group actions, there are many techniques that have potential for leading to a change in behavior as part of an outreach initiative. Any specific technique is likely to be more effective in some situations than in others. Making this choice is the art of education.

BestEdPractice_diagramTo incorporate a professional perspective about which techniques are more likely to address the needs you identified in the assessment process, include an experienced educator in your team.

See Unit 2 for advice on the benefits and process for developing a project team.


Unit 7 highlights some of the skills and resources you will find useful in planning your education or outreach initiative and provides an opportunity to practice applying those skills.

In Unit 7 you will investigate:

♦ Goals for outreach or education initiatives
Basic considerations for selecting an outreach or education technique
People's behavioral tendencies that may influence your choice of technique
Outreach strategies: choices
Ethics of communicating about changing behavior

Additional content and resources are found online in Changing Public Behavior Self-Study Module Step #7.









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