Steps to Prepare


Prepare for participating in the Changing Public Behavior course


To get the most out of your course experience, we suggest the following:

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Complete your profile. Tell others a little about yourself. To edit your profile settings look in the navigation block on the left under Settings.

Course at a glance. Print out the course outline, available in pdf format

Explore course resources in Unit 1 and complete a self-assessment [Questionnaire 1.4]. NOTE: Items in blue, indicate a clickable link to a new Web page.

Write your personal professional development plan in Assignment 1.5, using your answers to Questionnaire 1.5 to select and investigate up to 7 Units that build skills you want to improve.

Complete activities associated with the lessons in each Unit. Activities help you practice applying information and test your mastery of new skills. NOTE: Activities have different names depending on the purpose. They may be called: quiz, activity, forum, assignment, or questionnaire. Each activity is numbered the same as it's accompanying Lesson. For example, Lesson 2.3, Plan with the advice of others, is related to Assignment 2.3, Work with a team.

Slides and handouts. In addition to Web site links, lessons also provide handouts, worksheets, and pdf versions of some slide sets. These are usually itemized in the background reading section, and often within lessons. Also look for the Linked Media title above the Navigation bar in any particular lesson, such as in Lesson 4.6. There you will find a link to a document in pdf format that will be useful throughout that lesson.

Reflect. Post activity results and your questions in designated discussion "forums", moderated by the course instructors. Submit assignments in the text box provided for each. Course instructors will review and respond.

Refer to the Assessment for each Unit.

Track your progress using the Unit checklist.

Use course resources. Links are provided in each Unit but you can find the entire list at the top of the course page.

Stay engaged, and get feedback by responding to questions and suggestions from other participants.

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