Unit 1 Activities

Unit 1 activity list and descriptions. Links are embedded in lessons, also in the navigation bar.

Each Unit includes Content Pages, Lessons, and several types of activities. The activities are numbered according to the Unit content description. For example Forum 1.2, Examine your ideas about changing behavior is supported by Content Page 1.2, Take Home Ideas.

A Forum provides a place for sharing your thoughts about a particular topic with other participants, often with specific directions. An Activity is a specific task, but with no feedback required. An Assignment is a place where you apply course content to your own situation, and keep the results for using later. A Questionnaire is mostly used as a participant survey or evaluation tool. In Unit 1, the questionnaire is designed to help you analyze your own training needs. You will develop a personal education plan based on the results.

UNIT 1 Activities

Use the navigation block at the right to link directly to each of these activities:

Forum 1.2 Examine your ideas about changing behavior 

Activity 1.3 Find Course Web resources

Questionnaire 1.4 Assess your skills for collecting and using audience information

ASSIGNMENT 1.4 Your personal education plan 

Activity 1.5 Try the Behavior Change Planning Tool

ASSIGNMENT 1.5: Describe an environmental management situation that you are working on 

Forum 1.6 Connect outreach to the environmental situation 

Activity 1.7.a The Logic Model planning tool Page 

Forum 1.7.a The Logic Model planning tool 

Activity 1.7.b Quick Tips for Planning Page 

ASSIGNMENT 1.7: Make the connection between behavior and outreach planning 


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