Activity 2.5 Learn about your audience


Use the Water Outreach Web site

ACTIVITY 2.6 Use the Wateroutreach Web site to learn about your audience

Resource for Activity 2.6:

Water Outreach Web site. Audience Research. Introduction


A focus on a target audience is essential to success, according to research evaluating effectiveness of outreach programs and campaigns. The Water Outreach website provides research based information about a variety of audiences. While this information cannot take the place of an assessment of your specific audience, these studies can provide valuable clues. 


Investigate the following Web resources. 

Locate research findings for at least 3 audiences that interest you

Save your notes about what you’ve learned for use in Units 3 and 4.

What is a target audience?

Identify your target audience

Find out more about your target audience. Look at Search Research Findingsbrowse by audience; investigate results for at least 3 potential audiences.



Almost done. Check out Lesson 2.7 for an introduction to Changing Public Behavior.

Then review the Unit 2 Assessment to find out whether you have mastered the concepts so far.


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