Activity 2.4 Arkansas case study


Select a target audience

Resource for Activity 2.4:

Changing Public Behavior, Workshop Materials. 7-Step Process in Practice: a Case Study example (Arkansas case study). Look at pages 1 - 6 of the case study. 


Introducing the Arkansas case study: 

CPB AR case studyThe Arkansas case study tells the story of an outreach initiative – from conception to evaluation – that took place in Arkansas a few years ago, summarized in Seven Step Process in Practice: a Case Study example. In the case study, we’ve organized information from this real-life initiative into the Seven Steps that we recommend that you follow as you develop your“changing public behavior” initiative. 

We’ll be using this case study throughout the course units. Keep in mind that this is a case study, not a prescription for best practices. The educators made some great decisions, but you may suggest a different approach as you become more familiar with recommended strategies for building your outreach initiative using target audience and place-based information.



Read pages 1 – 6 and answer the question about target audiences at the bottom of page 6.

Pages 1 – 4 explain how the case study is organized and provide brief information about the environmental concern that led to the outreach initiative.

Pages 5 and 6 present information about the target audience(s) for the project.

Save your answer, and look back at what you said later in the course.

Apply what you've learned in Assignment 2.4, Identify your audience.

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