Activity 1.7.a Logic Model planning tool


Practice using the Logic Model for planning an education or outreach initiative.

What is a Logic Model?

As you work on your particular topic or area of concern, you find that you need to provide information or skills, encourage a change of behavior, raise awareness, or encourage participation in solving a problem. How do you get from the situation you have identified to the outcomes you hope for?

Try this activity to familiarize yourself with this tool. As you work through the Changing Public Behavior course you will learn more about some of the elements in the model. You can revisit your model in Unit 7 to check your ideas, and revise as needed.

Use the Logic Model

The Logic Model worksheet provides a simple way to begin. Print the worksheet. Doc and PDF versions are provided on the Unit 1 course page.

1. Make a few notes about your situation 


2. CPB Logic Model_1Outcomes or impacts: list behavior changes that will affect your situation, and that you can measure

a) Right away;

b) Within a few months of the outreach initiative. Jot down ideas, then later in the course check back and revise as needed.








3. CPB Logic Model_2Outputs: Select an audience and activities that are most likely to lead to the result you identified in your Outcome/Impacts section. Once you've completed your notes, look across categories to see if the outputs you chose will lead to the outcomes you are hoping for.

Remember, this is a quick rough draft. You will have another chance to review and revise.


4. Discuss: Once you've filled out your draft Logic Model, discuss your experience in Forum 1.7.



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