1.4 Assess your skills


Use a self-assessment tool to guide development of your plan of work for the course.

Use Questionnaire 1.4, Assess your skills, to guide your work with this course: your educator skills and your social assessment skills. The assessment will enable you to identify which Units will meet your professional development needs.

Once you have completed the self-assessment, write your education plan for the course, Assignment 1.4.

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The Changing Public Behavior project engaged two teams of national experts, one in social assessment, and one in training to help develop and refine project resources. These teams identified specific skills that educators need in order to assess their audience and choose relevant outreach techniques.

We identified skills in two categories: educator skills and social assessment skills (a subset of educator skills).

Educator skills are skills identified as important for increasing citizen involvement through use of target audience information by Booth (1996), Byers, (2000), Matarasso (2004), and McKenzie-Mohr (1995).

Social assessment skills are required for analyzing audience interests and needs and have been described by a variety of experts. These are summarized in the Water Outreach online resources, specifically in STEP 4, Collect audience information relevant to the environmental practice and specific behaviors.

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