Activity 1.3 Find Course Web resources

OPTIONAL: Familiarize yourself with course resources you will use throughout the 8 Units.

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The Water Outreach Web site literally provides “oodles” of information that you may find helpful to your work. You will be using selected resources throughout this course.


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The links you will be using are listed and illustrated below. Each of these links will be well documented throughout the course, but if you have time and/or prefer to have the "big picture" before you proceed, click on each of the following links in order to familiarize yourself with resources you’ll use. Resources help educators to choose and use assessment tools to learn about the audience.

Changing Public Behavior Web site home page and study resources:


See the flow chart for each Study ModuleCPB features

Behavior change planning tool

Behavior change planning tool, PDF

Behavior change planning tool, DOC file

CPB behavior change planning tool
The Arkansas case study  
The 7 Step Process in Practice: a Case Study Example

And included as part of workshop handouts at,

CPB AR case study

Audience information research

Audience research introduction

Audience research searchable database,

Audience research example: conservation professionals, 

Audience research example: outreach strategy design with conservation professionals

CPB training features_target aud



Assess your skills beginning on Content page 1.4 and continue with Questionnaire 1.4. Based on results, write a plan for how you will use learning resources available in this course.

Lesson 1.5 introduces the behavior change planning tool.

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