1.3 Walk through the course and OPTIONAL ACTIVITY.

A quick tour to introduce online resources to be used throughout the course.

This course describes a seven-step process for incorporating audience information into a natural resources outreach initiative. While we’ve provided the steps in a certain order, this is not to recommend only one course of action. Depending on your situation and what you learn at each step, you may find that a different order works better for you. To complete this section, follow the course links in Activity 1.3 and offer questions or comments in Forum 1.3.

CPB training featuresRecommended steps for incorporating audience information:

  • Describe the environmental concern or opportunity. (Unit 1)

  • Identify preliminary target audience(s). (Unit 2)

  • Determine specific actions citizens need to take to accomplish your management goal. (Unit 3)

  • Collect audience information relevant to the environmental practices and specific behaviors (Units 4 and 5)

  • Assess potential for adoption of single behaviors and the environmental practice. (Units 4 and 5)

  • Select single behaviors for intervention focus. (Unit 6)

  • Select intervention technique(s). (Unit 7) 

OPTIONAL Activity 1.3 Find Course Web resources:

The purpose of this activity is to familiarize you with the number and variety of resources available for your use throughout the course.

The Water Outreach Web site provides literally "oodles" of information that you may find helpful to your work. You will be suing selected resources throughout the course. Take a few moments to 'walk" through the course in Activity 1.3 in order to familiarize yourself with resources you'll use. Resources help educators choose and use assessment tools to learn about the audience.





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