1.2 Take Home Ideas


Three points about behavior and change.

Take Home Ideas

To focus your thinking on changing behavior, try a warm-up activity in Forum 1.2, Examine your ideas about changing behavior.

Then review key points about what it takes to change behavior, and what you will do in this course to help you apply behavior change principles to your work.

Three quick points about behavior. Keep these ideas in mind as you work through the course materials.

A behavior is most likely to occur if:

  • A person has a strong intention to perform the behavior
  • A person has the necessary skills and abilities
  • There are no constraints preventing behavioral performance

You may find it helpful to print out a behavior change poster that we prepared for this course, to make it easier for you to remember key points as we go.

In this course you will apply what we know about changing behavior as you:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Water Outreach Education and Changing Public Behavior online resources

  • Investigate your target audience

  • Explore behavior change theories

  • Explore social assessment techniques

  • Use audience information in outreach techniques

  • Analyze an Arkansas case study

  • Work on your own plan


If you would like an overview of course resources, take a walk through the course, in 1.3, Walk through the course.

Find out what's ahead and how you can tailor the course to meet your professional development needs in 1.4 Assess your skills.

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